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Kate Giandonato & Associates

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Individual Therapy:

Are you feeling stuck?  Are you not sure how to move forward after a traumatic event, relationship, or experience?   Feeling depressed, anxious, or find yourself lost in the world? Individual therapy can help unravel the conflicting thoughts, feelings, and experiences in life and support you in creating a clearer path and direction for your life.

Parent-Child Treatment:

Do you find you and your child are continually missing each others cues? Are you having difficulty getting your child to sleep at night, or to engage in social activities with adults or peers?  Parent-child treatment can help you and your child understand the developmental and social emotional cues that your child is sending you.  It can also work to increase your child’s confidence.

Child/Play Therapy:

Has your child been exposed to trauma?  Do they engage in repetitive play themes that are concerning to you? Are they having difficulty sleeping alone or engaging in social activities?  As play is the language of children, I work with children to understand and gain control over their own lives.  Within play therapy, I work with children to unravel conflicting thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a safe and non-threatening manner. 

*Please note that KG&A are not certified educational advocates, although we are well versed in available supports.

Mental Health/Academic Consultation:

  • Individual classroom observations, to gain a more complete understanding of your child’s individual strengths and needs. 
  • Development of a plan with you and your child, in which we work towards classroom and learning readiness.
  • Increasing your child’s self-esteem and abilities to engage in the academic setting.
  • We will attend and support IEP and 504 meetings for our clients, to assist with planning for accomodations that will best serve child’s individual learning needs. 

Clinical Supervision (Individual and Group): 

  • Supervision for those working towards clinical license. Supervisor will provide certification of hours supervised when warranted. 
  • Collaborative consultation and supervision for more seasoned professionals, who are looking for a structured place to process and consider clinical material. For example, cases, themes, approaches and treatment needs/issues. 

Group supervision is available when there is enough expressed interest.

Contact our office for all current supervision opportunities.